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Brian, Betty Hahn, Jane, Binh and Shelby
in Center for Photographic Art Show

Solo Show at Gallery 291

Gallery 291 Hallway

3 Color Gum Prints from Russia

X Libris Book Arts, San Francisco

Taylor Books, X Libris Show

Gum Demo, 291 Gallery San Francisco

Sizing Paper for 291 Gum Workshop

Gum Printing Registration Issues

Russian TV interview

Russian TV interview, handmade book

Skype Lecture Russian Students

Dan Estabrook & Brian, CSU Workshop

Brian at Palo Alto Art Center

Triton Museum Exhibition View

Triton Museum Installation view

Triton Museum Exhibition detail

ModernBook Gallery Opening

ModernBook Show Opening

Cal Poly University Museum

Gerald Peters Gallery view

Gerald Peters Gallery view

Center for Photographic Art, Carmel